I research about the processes involved and what all should be there which would help user in easy interaction and made it minimal and kept the color and typography to minimal.

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Hey Praveen, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! I apologize for the delay in getting you feedback. Looking at each screen, I can understand what I am supposed to do. I am a bit confused about the confirmation screen because I am not sure if I select the time on that screen or if it's just showing me which time I selected. If it's allowing the user to select a time I would expect that to come before the confirmation since that should be the last step. I also think you could have simplified the flow a little by allowing users to select the clinic first then use the data from that clinic to show which options are needed and available. Visually I would focus on making your drop shadows a light lighter and spread a lot more. A drop shadow should be barely visible and not call attention. I would also pay attention to the spacing of your content. I would suggest bringing the labels for each section closer to the content they belong to and adding more white space between major sections. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!
Nicely bro but ..... If any uneducated farmers want to vaccinated then ..? What is the next step
Should have rather just put up the screenshots of Cowin app. Why take so much efforts to copy existig website's design