I personally loved this idea! I designed the app to look smooth and trendy at the same time. I tried to incorporate important features into the design. Homescreen has two options either to get tested for covid or to get vaccinated. Based on the option selected the list of nearby locations will get displayed in the below section starting with the nearest point. After selecting a location, users need to choose the date, time and fill up their personal details...hola! Your slot is confirmed! Thanks, Crowwwn for coming up with such creative ideas every week!

Feedback (1)
Hi Harshath, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! We are glad to hear you enjoyed this challenge. Your solution to this week's challenge is really clean and straightforward. I initially didn't see the option to pick a time under the date selector. I would consider making it more obvious that there are multiple times that can be selected and not just the single time. I also would have liked to see the option to see the vaccination centers on a map because I think people are visual and have an easier time picking this way. I would also consider adding a search bar so that the user can search destinations that's aren't close by if they are traveling. Visually I think you have done an incredible job with the colors and the layout of each of the pages. I think the arrow icons by the addresses are a bit heavy compared to the rest of the design. I might consider making it a lighter color or outlined. I would also suggest changing the text on the left screen to say "Get tested" and "Get Vaccinated" or "Schedule Vaccination" the way the text is right now doesn't tell me what the action is and it's a bit confusing. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!