Nancy Nath
I present to you the Vaccinator 2021 App. It lets you register yourself beforehand (the appointment). Also lets you select your TIME SLOT and DATE suitable according to your schedule! Contains information about DOS AND DONTS of vaccination. There are two screens: 1) Registration 2) Appointment Booking. Both with various instructions and details. Hopefully the design pleases you. Any feedback is immensely appreciated!!

Feedback (1)
Hi Nancy, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! You have done a great job getting a lot of content into two screens that are still easy to read. I would suggest removing the "What to know before..." image from the right screen and adding it to the landing page of this app. I feel like that article is helpful for people deciding but people who have already filled in their information probably already know what's important. Instead, I would replace it with a map so users can see where the clinics are located based on their location. Visually I would consider using less of a drastic gradient in the background since it does pull attention away from the content. I would suggest using gradients for buttons or important text and that the background should be simple. I would also consider using a different color for the information at the bottom of the screen. That information is important and I think the red on the black is difficult to read. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!