A Simple COVID 19 vaccine UI to get people vaccinated and while entering the hospital they can show their proof of slot booked for a vaccination.

Feedback (2)
Thank you Crowwwn for your feedback
Hi Pranav, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! I would suggest removing the preview text from your design so it's not distracting users from your work. You have done a great job making screens that are easy to digest and understand. I am a bit confused about the transition from picking the vaccine to choosing a hospital. I assume this screen shows that I have already picked a hospital since I don't see a way to search or edit the clinics. If I am mistaken then I would consider including a search bar to make the experience easier for your users. Another suggestion would be to add a time block for the users to pick so they can show up at the hospital and not have to wait an entire day. I do like your idea of having quick access to the confirmation to show at the hospital so it's easy to get in. Visually, I feel like there is a bit of inconsistency since you're using a bunch of different colors. While it's consistent from screen to screen I would consider using the same green for the header and navigation and then using the mind or blue as the primary button. Lastly, I would consider the size of some of your text. The date picker seems to have gotten pretty small which would be hard for people with large fingers to use. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!