Vineeth CL
For this week's challenge, I have designed a simple mobile app that shows the list of vaccination centers near users when slots are available. 1. Users can log in to the app via mobile number or identity number 2. For the first time - Users will go through 3 steps to create an alert, that will help the app to notify them when slots are available 3. Users have to give location access 4. Users have to confirm the personal details which is automatically fetched from the mobile number/identity number 5. Users have to create an alert, where they have to select the center distance, vaccine name, dose. 6. when they created an alert, the app will show results based on the selection 7. Users will get notifications when slots are available. Benefits of the app 1. Simple UI 2. Simple interactions 3. easy steps to book the slots 4. Automated suggestions 5. Users can select the nearest center I hope this is a good suggestion

Feedback (2)
Thanks very much Crowwwn. I completely agree with your suggestions. This is really helpful. I will try to participate in future contests.
Hey Vineeth, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! I really like that you have thought through the flow both when there are vaccines available as well as when there aren't. I was a bit confused to see step 3 only, but I understand this is the last step in creating an alert. Showing the first step might make that screen a bit more clear. Looking at your scheduling solution I love that you allow users to select a date, the vaccine type, and schedule a time slot. I would consider that some users may want to find a location that's in a different location than your suggestions. If that's the case I would expect to see some type of search field for finding clinics in different locations. Visually you have done a great job building a very clear hierarchy that's easy to understand quickly. I like the use of different button styles and colors to pull the focus towards specific things. Your work is consistent through the entire design and I don't see any accessibility issues so I don't have much feedback for you visually. Overall I think you have done a great job and should be proud of your work. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!